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Sheinside review: { x | x }

Hey guys! I’m back with another Sheinside review ^^

Sheinside is an online retail store that focuses on street fashion. They have everything from dresses to kimonos, which have been very popular recently. Sheinside stays on top with the trends and does their best to bring them to you.

The processing took about a week to two weeks but the shipping took only about a week.


What I found inside:

The first item I will be reviewing is the oversized striped t-shirt. I am absolutely in love with this t-shirt and wore it 5 times so far (you can see that I uploaded it on my instagram here haha).



The stripes were a bit messy due to the fabric:

But on the inside of the shirt, the lines were crisp and clear… which is kinda weird:

Quality: 80% - The quality of the shirt was amazing; however, the design on the outside of the shirt was kind of messy and the black went out onto the white. You can’t notice it much from far away but you can see from the cover photo of this review that the lines are messy.

Design: 100% - The design of the shirt is perfect. I love the oversized look and the simplicity of the design was definitely something I liked. It looks perfect with a pair of high waisted shorts or even jeans/pants.

Honesty: 95% - Except for the messy lines, the product is true to the stock photo.

Next, I will be reviewing the White Spaghetti Strap Geometric Print Jumpsuit.



Front on me:

Back on me:

The romper/jumpsuit was a bit small for me and I was really disappointed because it’s so cute ;;

I even saw someone wearing this same romper/jumpsuit when I went grocery shopping with my mom! It actually fit her and it looked so nice.

Quality: 75% - The quality of this product was pretty good. There were a few loose threads but other than that it was fine. I would be wear this even if it’s too small, but it’s too sheer. If it were looser it’d be perfect.

Design: 100% - I love the geometric design of this product. It’s simple, cute, and perfect for summer. You can pair this off with an army jacket, a cardigan, or you can just wear it as is.

Honesty: 100% - The romper/jumpsuit looks exactly like the one in the stock photo.

Other products you might like if you found these two to your liking:

1 x 2 x 3

Thank you for reading and thank you Sheinside for the clothes ^^

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