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[Sponsored] Floral skirt from Brave + discount code

Hey guys! I’m back with another review sponsored by Brave Store ♥ Today I’ll be reviewing the Floral Skirt in black. I’m actually a day late with this review >.< sorry!

Shipping: 10/10

She sent it on August 5th and it arrived on the 23rd (it took about 18/19 days) which is in the time limit that was promised. It’s pretty good considering that the package came all the way from Asia :P

It came in a package like this:

The skirt came in another plastic bag inside the grey one~

And voila, here’s the skirt!

Here is the tag. It’s in Korean but the tag that was dangling from the dress (the one made of paper) was in Chinese so I’m not sure if the company is a Korean or Chinese company.

Top part of the dress:

It’s so pretty *0*

My favourite part about this dress is the beautiful design ♥♥♥

Inside the floral part of the dress, there’s a black part:

Here’s the zipper (not fully zipped):

The skirt on me:

Quality: 7.8/10

The skirt is very comfortable and the material feels like silk (?) ^^ But the black part had some loose seams (which is okay if you cut them) and it was longer in some parts of the skirt so it kind of showed.

Design: 10/10

I love the floral print, it looks like someone painted the flowers on with water colour haha ♥

Comfort: 10/10

It’s very comfortable and I love the material ^^ The sizing was good too. Jane helped me choose which size to get \(^u^ )/

Communication: 10/10

Jane and I live in different time zones so she couldn’t answer them right away when I was still awake, but whenever I checked my phone for emails in the morning there was always a message from her! She replies as fast as she can and she even helped me with sizing ♥

Overall: 8.999/10

Brave is a very trustworthy store and the owner is also very kind. You should definitely check it out! Other than the black part of the dress (which I can just cut off), the skirt is gorgeous and very comfortable. I even wore it to church to play my violin in front of everyone! I paired it with a which V-neck and my Maxstar shoes. The green skirt is also very pretty ;u;

Discount code: uusan (10% off)

Thank you so much for reading!

Thank you Brave for the skirt!

Other faves:

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Photo above: Brave Floral skirt Stock photo

(Source: uusan)

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