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[Sponsored] Maxstar review + discount code

Hey guys! Today I’ll be doing a review on Maxstar’s 7-Holes Zipper Wedge Heel Sneakers in White ~ Read on for a 10% discount code!

Shipping: 100/10

Julian, the kind co-owner of Maxstar, sends the shoes using FedEx, and he guarantees that the shoes will arrive in 2-5 days. My shoes were picked up on Monday, and I received them on Tuesday… that definitely deserves a 100/10 o.o he was also nice enough to give me a tracking number, which lets you track your package live online! They even gave me an expected delivery time, but it came about 4 hours and 30 minutes before that x)

Here is the package:

The FedEx paper is hard to rip, which means that whatever is inside won’t be damaged ^^

Info on the shoes:

* White Color
* Canvas Material
* 2cm Platform
* 6cm Heel Height
* 8.2cm Width
* 15cm Total Height

Picture of the box:

What I found inside the box:

Everything was all neatly placed, the Maxstar symbol facing upwards and everything ~

You even get a free pair of laces ouo navy blue is a great colour because it matches the navy blue line running along the bottom of the shoes.


Inside the bag:

The yellow sticker tells you the size in Korean. I usually wear 245 (about 7 1/2), but I didn’t know how true the sizing was going to be so I ordered a US Women’s size 8 (250 in Korea). These shoes fit great!

The shoes came unlaced and they white laces were inside the shoes along with some crumpled up paper to support the front of the shoes.

I really like these shoes because they’re so comfortable, yet they give me the extra boost of height that I need x)

Shoes on me (front):


Full body + shoes:

I also really like the tips of the shoes. They’re made out of leather! I’m not sure if it’s leather or pleather, but it’s really nice :)

Putting these on and taking them off is really easy too because they come with a zipper on the side:

Comfort: 10/10

These shoes are super comfortable. Even though there’s a 6 cm wedge heel, I feel as if I can run in these haha ~ The material is really soft and cushiony ^^ I was also surprised as to how light they were! They don’t feel heavy at all!

Design: 10/10

Platform sneakers? Wedges? How creative is that?! I was honestly looking for something like this. Stylish, comfortable, and something to give me a bit of height :’)

Quality: 9.8/10

The quality is amazing, the wedge heel of the shoes are nice and secure. I took 0.2 points off because the part when both the laces go through the tongue of the shoe was just two slits and I felt that they could’ve made it more secure. Also, I can see where they glued on the heel and stuff on the back of the shoe; however, the shoes are still great and I really recommend this pair.

Communication: 10/10

Julian was super nice! He was generous enough to give me a discount code for my followers too!

Overall: 9.9999/10

Maxstar is a very nice store, with lots of beautiful, creative ideas for shoes, from platform sneakers, to custom converse! The quality is great and you will be surprised at how comfortable and light these shoes are.

Discount code: Enter the code ‘pikachu’ for a 10% discount! Expires September 30th 2013 so hurry and get yourself a pair now!

Thank you so much for reading my review ♥

Thank you Julian for these amazing shoes ♥

<This was a sponsored review but my opinions were 100% honest. I wouldn’t give false opinions and have you guys waste your money.>

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