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[Sponsored] Short pleated skirt review sponsored by Kaneto

Hey guys! So today I have a review for you guys and it’s on the beautiful skirt in the picture above~

Shipping: 10/10

The shipping took 6 days… I wasn’t expecting it for another 8 days! I thought it would have at least taken 14 days (because it was international shipping) but it took less than half of what I was expecting!


lool look I drew on it ouo The bag was secure and the inside looked like this:

Sorry I didn’t get to take pictures of the skirt in the plastic bag it came in, I got too excited and opened it before I got to take any pictures T^T but don’t worry, the skirt came in a plastic bag, all secure and safe ^u^ I was so surprised when I opened my package because of two things:

First of all, Nan was sweet enough to write me a little message ;u;

She even sent me another skirt for free! (I’ll show you pics of the other skirt later c;)

So let’s get on with the review. Here is what the skirt looks like on my bed:

Here is the fullness of the skirt (well, almost):

Me wearing the skirt:


As you can see, there weren’t any loose seams at all!

Here was my OOTD~

Side view of the skirt:

Quality: 10/10

The quality of this skirt is really good. The elastic at the top is really thick and it doesn’t feel like it will rip or anything. As you saw from one of the pictures above, there weren’t any loose seems ^^

Design: 9.5/10

I love this black pleated skirt and it’s just what I’ve been looking for *0* The only problems I have is that first, it’s a bit too short :$ following that, some parts of the skirt were longer than others while some parts were shorter. I guess that’s okay though because it gives the skirt more of a ‘pleated’ look which is so cute ~

Comfort: 8.5/10

The skirt is pretty comfortable but it’s a tiny bit too tight. It says the waist can fit 56-90 cm // 22 - 35 in and I’m like somewhere in the middle >.< don’t worry, it still fits though, it’s just a bit hard when putting it on and it can get a little uncomfortable, but once you get used to it it’s fine :P

Communication: 10/10!

Nan is so nice and understanding ;; I live outside of the US and she still managed to throw an extra skirt in there!! Nan you’re awesome<3

Overall: 9/10

This skirt is totally cute and you really need something like this in your closet x) It can be girly (pair it with a bustier or something) but it can also be boyish..? lol (I wore it with a white v-neck + a vest~)

Go HERE to see more pictures of Nan wearing the skirt, she has a nicer body than me ;u; you know what even if you don’t buy anything her store is so cute go visit it HERE

OKAY so Nan also sent me the pleated skirt from her store!

(sorry I didn’t get a chance to iron it…)

No loose seams~

LOL my mom was like you look like a highschooler from Korea xD I actually love this skirt so much because it’s so comfortable yet cute ;u;


Me wearing the skirt:

Thank you so much for reading this review! Liking/reblogging will really help too guys ;u; Nan deserves more customers omg

THANK YOU Nan for these wonderful skirts ♥

More favourites from her shop~

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